Browns Bay School

Board of Trustees

*The BBS Board of Trustees governs our school* The Board of Trustees is made up of parent representatives, an elected staff member and the Principal, all working together to govern our school. Members are elected for a three-year term.

The current board members (see below) were appointed in 2016/2017.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are public meetings and the 2017 dates are as listed below. Board of Trustees 2017 Meeting Dates - 16 March, 13 April(was held 12th April as per newsletter), 18 May, 22 June, 17 August, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November,13 December

*Current Board of Trustees members are:* Adrian Hirst Aaron Cooper (Chairperson) James Stewart Anna Hiley Jane-Renee Retimana Nick Brown Liz Day (Staff representative) Peter Mulcahy(Principal)