Browns Bay School

Reporting to Parents

Students’ progress and learning goals, as well as news of what’s happening around the school, are essential information for teachers and parents to share. Here’s how we will keep you informed.


School newsletters are issued on a fortnightly basis, or more often if required. Newsletters are a primary means of keeping parents informed and are numbered sequentially. Newsletters are emailed to parents/ caregivers. If hard-copies are required they can be requested from the school office. Team or class newsletters will also be issued so that parents are as fully informed as possible.

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Written Reports and Portfolios

A mid-year summary will be issued for each student at the end of the second term or the beginning of the third term. A comprehensive written report will be issued in December. At each of these times, the report will be accompanied by a portfolio with examples of children’s work and progress in key learning areas.


Parent-teacher Conferences will be held in Term 1 to set appropriate individual goals for the children and discuss how they are settling into their new class. Conferences will also be held at the end of Term 2 or the beginning of Term 3 to discuss progress and identify needs to be catered for. Children are encouraged to attend these conference situations and have an active role in the goal setting process.

Meetings with teachers can be arranged at other times as the need arises. This should be done with the teacher or through the school office.

When a child enrols in a junior class at the school for the first time, Mrs Day (Associate Principal) will arrange an interview with the parents.

The Principal is available to discuss matters with parents at any time. Please make arrangements through the school office. Email Us or Phone(09)479-4301.