Mid Year Reports & Interviews

21 July 2020

The Mid – Year Reports will be available for parents from 21st July at 3.30pm via the @SCHOOL Parent Portal. Paper reports will no longer be sent home with your child. The new report format will show the data that was previously in the Data Booklet so these will also no longer be going home.

The Mid-Year Report focuses on Next Steps as we have delayed formal assessments until later in the year. At the Conferences, teachers will be able to provide a “teacher judgement” on progress and achievement, this will be from observations, distance learning work and discussions with students – not from formal assessments.
This year the Mid-Year Report format has been altered.

This Report will include:
- Next Steps for students, parents and teachers to discuss at the Conference
- An EFFORT Grade connected to each curriculum area
 * E= Excellent
 * VG= Very Good
 * S= Satisfactory
 * ME=More Effort Needed
- The Browns Bay School values are incorporated into the report
 * B= Beginning
 * U=Usually
 * C=Consistent
 -  Attendance
 - Waterwise Level

Parent-teacher conferences will be held at the following times this year:
2.15 pm – 6.30pm Wednesday 29 July
2.15 pm – 6.30pm Thursday 30 July
Parents must book their interviews online through https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz using the code s69u5. Please note the website opens today at 3.30pm and closes Tuesday 28 July 10am.