Browns Bay School

Walking School Bus

Using the Walking School Bus helps reduce the amount of traffic near Browns Bay School before and after school. Less cars means greater safety for all of our kids, so we really appreciate the volunteers that run our Walking School Bus routes. We also encourage any families that can use the Walking School Bus to do so!

We are operating three Walking School Bus routes – Foodtown, Rothesay Bay and Bayside.

walking school bus - map

1. Bayside Route

The Bayside Walking School Bus route runs each morning. It leaves from the corner of Bayside and Crestview at 8.20am. It makes it’s way up East Coast Road to the traffic lights and then along Browns Bay Road and Masterton Road, reaching school by 8.40am

2. Foodtown Route

The Foodtown Walking School Bus route runs before school and after school. It leaves the Foodtown carpark on the corner of Anzac Ave and Browns Bay Rd at 8.30am sharp. It makes its way up Browns Bay Rd, reaching school by 8.40am. In the afternoon they follow the reverse route leaving school at 3.10pm.

3. Rothesay Bay Route

The Rothesay Bay Walking School Bus leaves at 8.20am from the corner of Montgomery Ave and Rothesay Bay Rd. Its route takes in Sandown Rd, Korotaha Terrace and Masterton Rd, arriving at school by 8.40am. In the afternoon the Rothesay Walking School Bus leaves from outside the school office at 3.10pm and returns along the same route in reverse order.

Please give our Walking School Bus programme a try, and help us make our school a safer place to be!


TravelWise is an ongoing project with a set of practical actions that aim to improve road safety and promote sustainable school travel journeys. It is a partnership between Auckland Regional Transport Authority, North Shore City Council, and the school. Our school is committed to safe, active and sustainable travel to and from school.

The benefits include:

• Reduced traffic congestion at the school gates, this improves safety for all children.
• Reduction of polluting car emissions in the environment.
• Helping children learn road safety skills and become familiar with their community.
• Improved engineering infrastructure to promote walking/cycling within the school zone.
• Encouraging walking/cycling to improve children’s fitness and health.
• Encouraging walking/cycling to ensure that children arrive alert and ready to learn.

For more information about Travelwise & The Walking School Bus visit the Travelwise Website