The School’s home zone shall comprise: Taking in both sides of all roads mentioned except where specified:

  • from the coastline through the line of 115 Churchill Road to the intersection of Churchill Road and Montgomery Road;
  • west along Montgomery Road to Beach Road;
  • Knights Road and Browns Bay Road to the intersection with East Coast Road;
  • East Coast Road to Arran Road - 616 to 646 on the western side of East Coast Road and 525 to 559 on the eastern side of East Coast Road;
  • passing down Arran Road until the intersection with Nigel Road and there on to the intersection with Glencoe Road (1 – 43 Glencoe Road only);
  • from there to the Sherwood Reserve/Freyberg Park boundary and following the stream northwards between Stapleford Crescent and Woodlands Crescent and looping around Branston and Wilkinson Way to the intersection of Woodlands Crescent with Carlisle Road;1 – 15 Carlisle Road, up to 831 Beach Road to Valley Road and Manly Esplanade directly to the coast.
  • zone-map.jpg

Priority entry is given to siblings of children currently in the school at the time of enrolment, and to those children residing in the defined geographic zone. Here is a map of our school zone.

Click here to view a printable version of the zone map