Pre-Enrolments/Preschool Visits 

It is important that children are enrolled by the 20th September of the year before they turn 5.


Transition to Browns Bay School

We want to make the transition from pre-school to school a smooth one. Our Preschool Visit programme is available to all pre-enrolled children and gives your child an exciting opportunity to become acquainted with the school environment, visit a class of children who have just started school, meet some of the teachers and play with new friends who will be starting school with them. Our preschool visits are held on alternate Tuesdays between 9:30-10:30 am. We recommend one or two visits to help prepare your child for their first day at Browns Bay School. Our Associate Principal will contact pre-enrolled nearly 5-year-olds 4 to 5 weeks before their 5th birthday to book in preschool visits and set up a time to meet.


All New Entrant children need to check-in at the office on a child’s first day at school.


Preschool Visit dates 2024

Term 1       Tuesday 07 February, Tuesday 20 February, Tuesday 05 March, Tuesday 19 March, Tuesday 09 April

Term 2       Tuesday 7th May, Tuesday 21st May, Wednesday 5th June ( Tuesday is a TOD) Tuesday 18th June,                                     Tuesday 2nd July

Term 3       TBC

Term 4       TBC        


For more information please contact the school office for details.