Browns Bay School uses Kindo Online Shop. The shop is open 24/7 making payments easier for everyone. We are confident that it will quickly become your preferred method of payment and encourage you to set up your family account online now.

To get started, simply set up an account. You will only need to set up your account once, and if you currently use EzLunch then you will be able to use the same account. Once you have your account set up you will be able to experience how easy it is to pay for and keep track of School Donations, sports team registrations and fees, class trips, camps and much more. New listings will be loaded throughout the year as different options become available.


Setting up an account

Creating an account is easy!

Click on the following link for the online shop home page.

Click on the resgister button and fill in your details and your child’s/ren’s details. 


Top-up your account

There are three ways you can choose to top-up your Kindo account.

Bank Transfer                   No fees.

                                          Allow 2 days for processing.

Account 2-account            No fees. Instant transfer.

Credit/Debit Card             50 cent charge + 2% fee. Instant transfer.   Visa and MasterCard available.



Items can be added to your shopping cart, by clicking on your child’s name next to an item.  Either save and keep shopping, or save and proceed to checkout.

Then simply click "Place Order"at the checkout and you’re done!

Your order will automatically go through to the school, and you will receive an email receipt confirming your payment or top-up!


See it in action

We have some tutorials on how to use the shop to help you get started, Simply click on the links below.

How to register  - Click here

How to update details - Click here

How to purchase / pay - Click here


It’s an easy one-stop shop for all your school costs.